2000 - Present

Scripps acquires TV stations in Texas and Florida

Jan. 2, 2019
Scripps closed on its acquisition of three ABC-affiliated television stations in Texas and Florida, expanding its footprint to 36 TV stations in 26 markets.

Scripps sells radio stations

Dec. 12, 2018
Scripps completes the sales of its 34 radio stations, after announcing intent to sell the division in January 2018.

Scripps acquires Triton

Nov. 30, 2018
Scripps acquires Triton, the global leader in digital audio services, in a deal worth $150 million.

Adam Symson becomes president/CEO

Aug. 8, 2017
Adam Symson becomes president and CEO of Scripps. He was promoted through the company, first as a journalist and eventually as Chief Digital Officer.

Scripps acquires Katz broadcast networks

Aug. 1, 2017
Scripps acquires Katz broadcast networks, which distribute programming for targeted audiences over the air, in a deal worth $302 million. The national networks include Bounce, Grit, Escape and Laff.

Scripps receives Walter Cronkite Awards

March 13, 2017
For extensive political coverage and for its commitment to fact-checking political advertising, Scripps has received three Walter Cronkite Awards for Excellence in Television Political Journalism.

"Newsmaker" biography of Roy W. Howard published

July 8, 2016
Roy W. Howard was a giant in the newspaper industry during a time when Scripps and Howard were synonymous for excellence in journalism and serving local communities.

Scripps acquires Stitcher

June 6, 2016
Scripps acquires popular podcast listening service Stitcher, which facilitates discovery and streaming for more than 65,000 podcasts to 8 million registered users.

Scripps acquires Midroll

July 22, 2015
Scripps announced the acquisition of Midroll Media, the podcast industry leader that distributes podcasts through its Howl app and generates revenue for hundreds of shows.

Merger with Journal

April 1, 2015
Scripps merges its broadcast operations with those of Journal Communications, and the two companies spin off their respective newspapers to form a new public company, Journal Media Group.

TV stations added

June 16, 2014
Scripps adds WMYD and WKBW, bringing its ownership total to 21 TV stations, in a $110 million transaction with Granite Broadcasting Corp.

Scripps acquires Newsy

Scripps acquires video news provider to help it enter digital video business. Newsy acquisition is key part of company's plan to win in the digital news marketplace.

Washington Bureau changes

Nov. 12, 2013
Scripps announces a restructuring and expansion of its historic political and national reporting bureau in Washington, D.C.

'Let's Ask America' expands

Nov. 4, 2013
Scripps signs deal with MGM Domestic Television Distribution LLC (MGM), a division of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., as the syndication partner for its original game show, "Let’s Ask America."

Chairman of the Board

May 2013
Rich Boehne, who also serves as the chief executive officer and a director since 2008, replaces Nackey E. Scagliotti as the board of directors chair.

50th anniversary

Aug. 14, 2012
Scripps Howard Foundation marks 50 years of supporting excellence in journalism.

Original shows launch

Sept. 17, 2012
Two original shows with national appeal, "Let's Ask America" and "The List," begin airing in seven of Scripps' 13 TV markets.

TV stations acquired

Dec. 31, 2011
Scripps purchases nine television stations from McGraw-Hill Broadcasting.

Prestigious honor

Nov. 30, 2011
Company receives a Distinguished Service Award from the NAB.

The digital/mobile future

Sept. 19, 2011
Company consolidates digital operations into a single organization.

Scripps at NYSE

March 2011
Leaders ring the bell to open trading.

Licensing sold

Nov. 30, 2009
Scripps sells character licensing business, including "Peanuts."

Leadership change

July 2008
Richard Boehne becomes CEO of the E.W. Scripps Company.

SNI spin-off

June 30, 2008
Cable networks and online shopping services are spun off into a separate company, Scripps Networks Interactive.

Shopzilla acquired

June 27, 2005
Scripps acquires Shopzilla online shopping service and BizRate consumer feedback network.

HGTVPro launched

Jan. 12, 2005
Scripps launches HGTVPro.com, the first video-rich online network for builders.

Gone country

Nov. 17, 2004
Company acquires the Great American Country (GAC) network.

Bureau name change

April 2004
Washington bureau becomes Scripps Media Center.

Training and education

Dec. 3, 2003
Company establishes the Scripps Academy for Hispanic Journalists.

125th anniversary celebration

Oct. 23, 2003
CEO Kenneth Lowe, chef Emeril Lagasse and Snoopy ring opening bell at NYSE.

Shopping network

Oct. 31, 2002
Scripps acquires controlling interest in the Shop at Home television retailing network.

Supporting diversity

Sept. 23, 2002
Scripps Howard Foundation partners with Hampton University to open Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications at Hampton.

Innovative newsprint management

March 28, 2002
Scripps creates Media Procurement Services Inc., a subsidiary company.

Trendsetting style

Feb. 28, 2002
Company launches Fine Living network of programming.

Western Kentucky expansion

Oct. 31, 2000
Company acquires The Gleaner newspaper in Henderson, Ky.

Florida newspaper added

Sept. 30, 2000
Company acquires Marco Island Eagle.

Leadership change

Aug. 31, 2000
William R. Burleigh retires as CEO; Kenneth W. Lowe is named CEO.

The finer things

May 31, 2000
Company announces plans for fourth cable network, Fine Living.

Treasure Coast strengthened

March 31, 2000
Company acquires The Fort Pierce (Fla.) Tribune, in swap for The Destin (Fla.) Log.

New TV station

Feb. 29, 2000
Company completes acquisition of independent KMCI, Lawrence, Kan.

1980 - 1999

DIY debuts

Aug. 31, 1998
DIY - Do It Yourself - network debuts on air on the digital tier.

Internet entrepreneurs

Aug. 31, 1998
Second venture fund, Scripps Ventures II, formed.

Chairman of the Board

April 29, 1998
President and CEO William R. Burleigh is named chairman. Lawrence A. Leser retires.

Classified alliance

Jan. 31, 1998
Scripps, Texas newspaper groups create online classified alliance.

Scripps Productions

Nov. 30, 1997
LA-based Scripps Howard Productions is sold. Unit in Knoxville is renamed and expanded.

Food Network

Sept. 30, 1997
Company acquires controlling interest in Food Network from A.H. Belo.

Scripps Invests in Texas

Sept. 30, 1997
Company buys several newspapers from Harte-Hanks Communications.

Boulder Daily Camera acquired

July 31, 1997
Company swaps Monterey County Herald and San Luis Obispo Telegram-Tribune for the Boulder Daily Camera.

Category TV expansion

Nov. 30, 1996
HGTV plans for related businesses, including radio and business networks.

Leadership Change

June 1996
William Burleigh becomes president and CEO; Lawrence Leser continues as chairman.

Cable Systems Sold

May 31, 1996
Company merges Scripps Howard Cable into Comcast Corp.

Florida Newspaper Added

May 31, 1996
Company acquires Vero Beach Press Journal.

Internet Investing

May 30, 1996
Scripps Ventures launched within United Media.

Home & Garden Television Debuts

Dec. 1, 1994
HGTV launches in 6 million U.S. homes.

"Garfield" rights sold

Nov. 30, 1993
United Media is reorganized; "Garfield" rights are sold to creator Jim Davis for $32M.

HGTV Plans Announced

Nov. 30, 1993
Plans are announced for Home & Garden TV. Company buys Cinetel Productions in Knoxville.

Pittsburgh Press Sold

Dec. 31, 1992
Company sells Pittsburgh Press, acquires The Monterey County (Calif.) Herald.

Stock Moves To NYSE

March 7, 1991
Class A Common Stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under symbol "SSP."

Baltimore's WMAR purchased

May 29, 1991
Scripps is allowed to purchase WMAR-TV after settlement of a suit by Gillett Broadcasting.

Company IPO

June 29, 1988
The E. W. Scripps Company makes its initial stock offering.

Business Journals Merge

Nov. 30, 1986
Scripps Business Journals merge with American City Business Journals.

Naples paper added

Sept. 30, 1986
The company acquires Naples (Fla.) Daily News.

John P. Scripps group stock acquired

Aug. 31, 1986
The E.W. Scripps Company purchases stock in John P. Scripps Newspaper Group.

TV Stations Added

January 1986
WXYZ-TV in Detroit and WFTS-TV in Tampa join Scripps-Howard Broadcasting.

Expansion to Home Video

November 1985
Company acquires Kartes Video, nation's leading video cassette distributor.

Anniversary Celebration

Aug. 31, 1985
Scripps-Howard Broadcasting celebrates 50th anniversary with NYC extravaganza.

Leadership Change

June 30, 1985
Lawrence A. Leser is elected president and CEO, succeeding Edward W. Estlow.

Logo Makeover

March 31, 1985
Company introduces a redesigned lighthouse logo.

Arizona Acquisition

Feb. 27, 1985
Company acquires KNXV-TV in Phoenix.

Education commitment

May 22, 1984
Company breaks ground for E. W. Scripps Hall at Ohio University.

Stuart News switches to mornings

March 1984
The Stuart (Fla.) News becomes a morning publication and adds a Sunday edition.

Cable TV entrance

Dec. 1, 1980
Scripps and Tele-Communications Inc. work to acquire, operate and develop cable television.

Bremerton adds Sunday edition

Sept. 30, 1982
The Bremerton (Fla.) Sun adds a Sunday edition.

UPI Sold

June 2, 1982
Company sells United Press International to Media News Corp.

Early Electronic Experiment

April 28, 1981
Company begins distribution of news briefs on cable to 30,000 Evansville, Ind., homes.

Radio Expansion

March 31, 1981
Scripps purchases two Portland, Ore., radio stations, KUPL-AM and KUPL-FM.

1960 - 1979

United Media's Beginning

June 14, 1978
United Media Enterprises emerges from consolidation of NEA and UFS.

Kansas City station added

Oct. 28, 1977
Scripps adds KBMA to its growing broadcast portfolio, renames it KSHB.

Midwest Move

Company moves New York executive offices to Cincinnati.

California Newspaper Added

Dec. 28, 1973
Scripps purchases Fullerton Publishing Co. (Daily News Tribune).

TV in Tulsa

Dec. 31, 1970
Scripps purchases KTEW-TV in Tulsa, changes name to KJRH on July 14, 1980.

Florida Newspaper added

April 12, 1965
Scripps acquires Stuart (Fla.) News.

Leader dies

Nov. 20, 1964
Company mourns the death of Roy W. Howard.

Philanthropic Arm Created

Aug. 15, 1962
Scripps Howard Foundation is incorporated.

South Florida TV

Dec. 27, 1961
Company acquires WPTV in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Ohio News Merger

Jan. 23, 1960
Company purchases Cleveland News and merges it with Cleveland Press.

1940 - 1959

United Press International

May 23, 1958
International News Service joins United Press to form UPI.

Charles Scripps Named Chairman

Charles E. Scripps becomes chairman of the board of The E. W. Scripps Company.

Charlie Brown & Snoopy

Oct. 2, 1950
Scripps introduces Charles Schulz's comic strip, "Peanuts."

Cincinnati Sign-On

July 26, 1949
WCPO-TV goes on the air in Cincinnati.

Tennessee Television

Dec. 11, 1948
WMC-TV goes on the air in Memphis.

TV Debut

Dec. 17, 1947
Scripps launches its first TV station, WEWS in Cleveland.

Spelling Counts

May 27, 1941
The 17th National Spelling Bee commences, marking the beginning of Scripps’ official leadership of the program.

1920 - 1939

Tennessee Merger

Dec. 30, 1939
Press-Scimitar and Commercial Appeal newspapers are merged into Memphis Publishing Company.

Indiana Merger

Dec. 30, 1938
Evansville Press combines business operations with Evansville Courier.

Unexpected Death

March 2, 1938
Robert P. Scripps dies aboard his yacht off Baja, Calif.

Tennessee radio station

Oct. 11, 1935
Scripps purchases radio station WNOX, Knoxville.

Tuning in to radio

Aug. 31, 1935
Scripps enters radio business with purchase of station in Cincinnati; renames it WCPO.

Radio Venture

Aug. 23, 1935
Company establishes Continental Radio, later Scripps Broadcasting Company.

New Mexico News

Feb. 17, 1933
Tribune & Journal combine business operations to form Albuquerque Publishing Company.

New York World Acquired

Feb. 27, 1931
Company buys New York World, merges it with New York Telegram to form New York World Telegram.

Logo introduced

May 1927
Company adds lighthouse emblem as logo.

Covering New York

Feb. 10, 1927
Scripps acquires The New York Telegram.

Rocky Mountain News Born

November 1926
Scripps buys Denver News and Times, merges it with Express to form Rocky Mountain News.

E.W. Scripps Death

March 12, 1926
E.W. Scripps dies while on his yacht "Ohio" off Liberia's coast and is buried at sea.

Tennessee Merger

Nov. 30, 1925
Scripps buys Memphis News-Scimitar, merges it with Press into Memphis Press-Scimitar.

Mergers Begin

Nov. 29, 1925
Scripps purchases Knoxville Sentinel and merges it into Knoxville News-Sentinel.

New Mexico Addition

Sept. 24, 1923
Scripps acquires New Mexico State Tribune.

Covering Pittsburgh

July 27, 1923
Scripps acquires Pittsburgh Press.

Creating Trust

Nov. 23, 1922
The E.W. Scripps Trust is created.

Maryland News Coverage

Nov. 22, 1922
Scripps starts Baltimore Post.

Covering Texas

Aug. 21, 1922
Scripps starts El Paso Post.

Words To Live By

June 22, 1922
The Scripps motto "Give light and the people will find their own way" is first used.

Covering Central Indiana

May 27, 1922
Company acquires Indianapolis Times.

Northeast Ohio Expansion

Jan. 31, 1922
Company acquires Youngstown Telegram.

New Venture

Nov. 30, 1921
Scripps organizes United Feature Service.

Name Change

Nov. 29, 1921
Scripps adds “Howard” to company name, for contributions of Roy W. Howard.

Newspaper in Knoxville

Nov. 21, 1921
Scripps starts The Knoxville News.

Covering D.C.

Nov. 8, 1921
Scripps starts The Washington Daily News.

North Central Texas News

Oct. 3, 1921
Scripps starts Fort Worth Press.

Newspaper started

June 13, 1921
Scripps starts Norfolk Post.

Alabama News

Jan. 21, 1921
Scripps starts the Birmingham Post, which later becomes the Birmingham Post-Herald.

1900 - 1919

Delegating Responsibility

Nov. 30, 1919
Robert P. Scripps and Roy W. Howard take over editorial and business direction.

Stepping Back

Nov. 29, 1919
E.W. Scripps withdraws from management of his many enterprises.

War Time Coverage

May 1917
E.W. Scripps goes to Washington to set up a headquarters to direct World War I coverage and editorial treatment. He puts his son, Robert P. Scripps, in charge and appoints him editor-in-chief.

Pennsylvania Launch

May 10, 1912
Scripps starts Philadelphia News-Post.

Ad-Free Paper Experiment

Sept. 28, 1911
Scripps starts Chicago Daybook.

Afternoon Daily added in Houston

Sept. 25, 1911
Scripps starts Houston Press.

Newspaper starts in Oakland

May 3, 1909
Scripps starts Oakland Mail.

California Addition

August 1907
Scripps acquires Berkeley Independent.

United Press Formed

June 21, 1907
E.W. Scripps groups his press services and United Press is formed.

Expansion in Tennessee

December 1906
Scripps starts Nashville Times.

Oklahoma Newspaper created

October 1906
Scripps starts Oklahoma News.

Oregon Newspaper Launched

Sept. 29, 1906
Scripps starts Portland News.

Texas News

Sept. 18, 1906
Scripps starts Dallas Dispatch.

Covering Western Indiana

Sept. 10, 1906
Scripps starts Terre Haute Post.

Pueblo paper established

Aug. 31, 1906
Scripps starts Pueblo (Colo.) Sun.

Indiana Paper Launched

July 2, 1906
Scripps starts Evansville Press.

Colorado Expansion

April 26, 1906
Scripps starts Denver Express.

New California Newspaper

Aug. 31, 1905
Scripps starts Fresno Tribune.

California Launch

Nov. 21, 1904
Scripps starts Sacramento Star.

Ohio Newspaper Added

July 2, 1904
Scripps acquires Columbus Citizen.

Paper started in Tacoma

Dec. 20, 1903
Scripps starts Tacoma (Wash.) Times.

Now Serving Northwest Ohio

June 8, 1903
Scripps acquires Toledo News-Bee.

Pacific Coast Expansion

March 21, 1903
Scripps starts the San Francisco News.

Paper added in Spokane

Nov. 7, 1902
Scripps starts the Spokane (Wash.) Press.

Expansion in Iowa

June 7, 1902
Scripps acquires the Des Moines News.

News Report Service

June 2, 1902
Company starts the Newspaper Enterprise Association feature service.

Chicago News Launch

April 11, 1900
Scripps starts the Chicago Press.

1878 - 1899

Serving Northeast Ohio

Sept. 21, 1899
Scripps launches the Akron Press.

Launching in state of Washington

Feb. 25, 1899
Scripps launches Seattle Star.

Kansas Newspaper purchased

Dec. 23, 1896
Scripps buys the Kansas City World.

LA News

Feb. 27, 1895
Scripps starts the Los Angeles Record.

Go West

June 3, 1892
E.W. Scripps acquires his first paper on the Pacific Coast, The San Diego Sun.

Move To California

Nov. 30, 1890
E.W. Scripps buys land near San Diego, begins eight-year construction of Miramar ranch.

News Syndication Service

Sept. 30, 1890
E.W. Scripps creates Scripps-McRae League to run his newspapers.

Northern Kentucky News

Sept. 15, 1890
Scripps starts The Kentucky Post, across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.

Newspaper Name Change

Sept. 2, 1890
Scripps changes name of Penny Post to The Cincinnati Post.

Home Sweet Home

May 31, 1883
E.W. Scripps returns to the United States from Europe.

Control Change

E.W. Scripps acquires control of Cincinnati Penny Post from his brother James.

European Tour

Oct. 31, 1881
Scripps, bothered by a bronchial ailment, takes sister Ellen on a tour of Europe and the Mediterranean.

Missouri misstep

July 31, 1880
Scripps branches out to St. Louis, launching The Chronicle, a disaster from the start. He sells it in 1908.

Penny Press

Nov. 2, 1878
Edward W. Scripps borrows $10,000 to start the Penny Press in Cleveland.